Week 4

Week 4 (Jan 30- Feb 05, 2012)

During this week, participants will

  • explore online tools to enhance learners’ speaking skills
  • have a hands-on activity to learn how to use the tool of their choice
  • share their findings  with their peers

Week 4 Tasks 


Well, let start with mixture of learning and playing..:))

  • My first video-recording, for EVO, on recordr.tv:


Here is the result – http://www.educreations.com/lesson/view/02012012-lesson/424850/

This is the embed-code, but I’m sure it won’t work..:(( It works only as a link..:(


Week4  – Task 4

My family – drawing.

I’ve tried with Skatchcast, but it wouldn’t work, so I did it with Educreations. Here is the link:


or with embed-code:


Here is another one, because the previous one wouldn’t open, in fact – it wasn’t adjusted to „visible to all“ at the right time!! Here is an embed-code for my third trial for drawing my family with Educreations:


Week 4 – Task 5

DIGITALRESOURCES  http://recordr.tv/
http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ computer with internet connection and projector
CLASS LEVEL  High school students – 16 years old
TIME FRAME Two 45 minutes classes
LESSON GOALS By the end of this lesson, students will have

  • understood the main characteristics of different elements of nonverbal communication, including gestures, mimics, body posture, etc.
  • understood the connection between emotions and their facial expression
  • understood how some parts of the face and body behave while person has particular emotion
  • enhanced their digital literacy using several tools  (PP Presentations, Listen and Write Site)
STEPS Preparation on the first class: Couple of students, on the class before this, gets the direction to prepare video presentation about unconscious facial expression connected with different moods, using proposed web-tools. They would have to analyze and to represent the main characteristics of the body language while the person has some emotion or state or attitude! In the presentation, that would be combination of the text and recorded video – material, one student explains the movement, while another student acts and performs every single nonverbal gesture that was mentioned.Students should organize their  presentation, talking about the mimicry, in the first place, gesture, body posture, social distance,  and then about all the other nonverbal signs, going from the top of the body – head and face, and then to the bottom!Second classIn the first partof this lesson, the presentation that was prepared is to be analyzed.All the students should make some notes during this video-presentation!The second partof the lesson will be organized to practice some particular signs of body language.Students would get the tasks, one by one, to show the correct nonverbal signs as if they were:

  1. State president in the visit to the president of the other country;
  2. Unprepared student on the exam, either written or oral
  3. Kindergarten teacher trying to calm down the group of very wicked children;
  4. Scientist speaking of his new theory;
  5. Woman in conversation with her aggressive husband;
  6. 5th grade child giving to his parents the test from the math with very bad mark (C)
  7. 16 years old girl, in love with certain boy, meeting him in the school yard

Students should try to incorporate the knowledge of the body language acquired from the presentation from the beginning of this lesson.

ISSUES TO CONSIDER  The teacher has to check the internet connection and the projector.The teacher must make sure that the students take some notes about different emotions they are introduced to.

Week4 Task5 – Exploring recording tools:

My audio introduction with  VOXOPOP.COM:



Fotobabble lets you quickly and easily add your voice to photos and share them with your friends, family and social networks. All you do is:
1) Upload a photo from your computer
2) Record what you want to say
3) Then share it with anyone via email, Twitter, Facebook, your blog or your website.

Here is my Showbeyond:



and with


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