WEEK 2 – TASKS 1, 2, 3, 4:

This week we will look at tools that can be adapted for short research projects and tools that can be used to spark creative writing.

  1. Task 1: Creative Writing: Character, Setting, and Plot
  2. Task 2: Creative Writing Tools Review
  3. Task 3 – Collaborative Writing 
  4. Task 4: Further Exploration: Research Projects and Other Writing-Related Sites (optional)
    1. Help Desk
    2.  Week 2 Benchmarks – Have I finished? 

This is my story-starter for the Task 1 – Week 2!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Week-2 – task 1

Week 2:  A new jounrney begins …

Task 1: Creative Writing: Character, Setting, and Plot

a. Let’s start the week with some creative writing!  To get started, select one of the four Characters in Column 1, one of the four Settings in Column 2 and one of the four Plots in Column 3.  (Your choices will probably not be in the same row).

b. Once you have selected your three pictures (one character, one setting, one plot) write a 50-word story-starter (introduction to a story) based on the pictures. Include as much or as little information as you need to stay within the 50-word limit. Share your story-starter in the COMMENT AREA below.  Comment on other participants’ story-starters as well.

My choice: 1C, 2D, 3D



Well belted in his car-seat, the youngest of a Clark family couldn’t wait to swim, run and build the sand-castles. A perfect day!

Suddenly, a big wave appeared filling the air with water, fear, screaming!

In just a few seconds, baby Clark turned himself to a Superman driving his scooter-dolphin and saving the survivals.



Week 2 -Task 2!!

After you have opened the links and read through the descriptions of the three tools, choose at least one to share with other participants in our Edmodo Group. Describe your understanding of what the tool does and how you would use it. What age group would you recommend the tool for? What is unique about the tool? Do you see possible problems or limitations?

My reflections on the Task 2 – Week 2:

I decided to represent the Storybird

What the tool does

This is a good tool to motivate creative writing. Pupils that feel a need to represent their thoughts through the writing would be proud of what they created, which can enrich their writing skills even more. The drawings are very nice arranged.

What age group

In my opinion, it is recommended for younger students, perhaps lower grades of primary school, but it can be refreshing even for the older ones – for secondary and high school students, where I teach.

Unique caracteristic of this tool:

Some very important conclusions could be stated through the drawing and, in psychology, we call it „projective techniques“. Student could express his problem, his emotions, his thoughts through this tool, and feel good about it.


It is suitable for younger pupils with some exceptions. You have limited number of drawings that can be used.

This is link to the  Storybird tale I’ve created (I am also proud of it, and felt exciting while making the one):


http://media.storybird.com/embedplayer/bin/StoryplayerEmbed.swfA Boy in the Mind And Soul on Storybird

Week 2 -Task 4!!

This is my Photopeach:


I also checked DvolverMoviemaker, and this is the result:


And Scoop.it (about knitting and other hand making)


Storybird –


(I am not sure if it is possible too see it at all! It is still adjusted to private, although I’ve changed it to public. Maybe I am doing something incorrectly)..

Anyway, there is a plenty job to do in the next future. When I try, I like to make something to see how it works, and it takes time. Every day – 2 or 3 tools would be enough!

Every web tool I’ve tried since now could be included in the class. Some tools are suitable for representing persons, some other to represent the work or its steps, some are cute to make the finish of some activities…. Even though most of the tools are originally for the language teachers, it could be incorporated in the education, disregarding the subject in the school.


2 коментара (+додајте свој?)

  1. carlaarena
    јан 25, 2012 @ 01:47:01

    Fantastic tool exploration, Simonida!


    • simonidinpsihoblog
      јан 25, 2012 @ 11:19:27

      Thank you, Carla Arena. I am trying very hardly to arrange the mass in my mind that comes from exploring so many web tools, that is the reason I write about every single one. I am sure that, in time, everything is going to fit into its own place and be used in the class in appropriate moment.
      I also notice that my English is advancing!
      Thank you for everything!!


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