My portfolio – lesson plan

First, let me represent to you!

This is my Animoto representation:

And this is my on-line personal-card:

And another way to represent my self:

And one more – Prezi

Copy of Something about me on Prezi


These are my reflections upon how could I use proposed digital tools in the classroom!

Lesson Plan (Psychology)

Unit: Intelligence – Different levels of intelligence


•    To  encourage students to use new digital tools which will improve their e-skills;
•    To  encourage students to do some independent work during the lessons and after them, for the homework, which will increase their school activity;
•    To improve the feeling of satisfaction, pleasure and fun while learning;
•    To increase the capability of compassion and sympathy for the persons with different intellectual levels which helps the use of digital tools.

Digital tools to be used:


•    Animoto


Steps: In this case I plan two lessons.

Lesson ONE:

First part of the lesson – I will prepare digital presentations (Animoto and of different people both with some kind of intellectual disabilities and those with superior intelligence which could be some historical persons.
The main part of the lesson – it will be presented some theoretical aspects of intellectual capabilities using the Power Point presentation (Prezi).
Last section of the first lesson – students will be instructed how to prepare presentations of real persons with intellectual disabilities using the tools they have seen. Students will be separated in 5-6 groups and each one will prepare their own work. During that week, they will connect with some students in the Special School for the children with mental disabilities were I take my pupils every year. They’ll make some interviews and photos which could be used for making the presentation.

Lesson TWO:

Students will represent the work they made by themselves using all the materials from the last lesson and from visiting the Special School. Every presentation will begin with their  own personal cards using the tool to represent themselves as an authors and than they’ll project the Animoto stories of the pupils they interviewed.
The last section of the lesson – discussion.

4 коментара (+додајте свој?)

  1. Liz
    јан 12, 2012 @ 13:05:43

    thanks for your comment
    Best regards from Belarus
    I don’t know Serbian but i understand most information in your blog
    I think your ideas about the usage of the programmes above are great, I’ll share mine in some days and hope to receive your comment.


  2. Inma
    јан 15, 2012 @ 16:39:20

    I love your plan because it is not only students’ centered but also related to the real world and their lives.
    See you on EVO!
    Have a great week!


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